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Astrid aka Acee//

Embrace the enchanting rhythms and uplifting energy of DJ Acee, an internationally renowned female DJ with a passion for setting souls on fire through her captivating music. With an illustrious career that spans corporate events, prominent brands, ecstatic dance gatherings, and soul-soothing sound journeys, Acee has earned herself a distinguished reputation as a masterful musical alchemist.


Full Bio

DJ Acee is an internationally renowned female DJ with a passion for creating captivating musical experiences. With a diverse background that includes being a professional club DJ, she has now expanded her artistry to encompass corporate events, brands, ecstatic dance, and sound healing.

Her time as a club DJ provided her with invaluable experience in reading crowds and crafting infectious beats. This expertise allows her to seamlessly blend her club sensibilities with her unique musical alchemy, leaving a lasting impression on every event she touches.

Beyond the club scene, Acee has found her calling in curating soul-soothing soundscapes for ecstatic dance gatherings and transformative sound journeys. Her talent for creating therapeutic sonic experiences has earned her acclaim in these healing realms.


From electrifying corporate events and brand collaborations to liberating ecstatic dances and rejuvenating sound healing journeys, DJ Acee's passion for music shines through, elevating the collective experience to new heights. 

DJ Acee is a true musical chameleon, effortlessly adapting her sets to cater to diverse tastes and atmospheres. Her versatility knows no bounds as she seamlessly navigates through an extensive array of music styles, including downtempo, organic electronica, afro house, tribal, cumbia, deep techno, and many more. Her eclectic repertoire allows her to craft a one-of-a-kind experience for each event she graces, ensuring that every audience is taken on a mesmerizing journey through the most captivating rhythms and enchanting melodies.

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